Level and Flow Solutions for Chemical Process Equipment

Level measurement plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the chemical process equipment utilized in the chemical industry, including liquid extraction, vapor/liquid separation, and mixing and blending. In this post, part of our series on chemical processing applications, Magnetrol® explores how level control instrumentation can improve the efficiency and safety of chemical process equipment. If you missed our first blog post, on level measurement solutions for the distilling process, you can read it here.

Liquid Extraction
Application: Liquid-liquid extraction (LLX), or solvent extraction or partitioning, is a selective separation procedure for isolating and concentrating a valuable substance from an aqueous solution by using an organic solvent. LLX can serve as an alternative when distillation is ineffective. LLX is used in pharmaceutical, food and agricultural processing, organic and inorganic chemistry, hydrometallurgy and fragrances.

Challenges: In mixer-settler type extraction, feed and solvent tanks are monitored for level. The feed and solvent are thoroughly blended in a mixer-settler chamber and the mixture overflows into a separation chamber where it settles into light and heavy phases. The separate phases are monitored and removed on interfacial level control.

Full article: Magnetrol Blog

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